Christmas Eve and the heartless child

Once upon a time on a dark Christmas Eve the neighbours heard a familiar sound coming from the house next door. They say all they ever hear is raised voices and screams. They thought nothing out of the ordinary, but the very next day they saw police cars and heard whispers that proved otherwise. The whispers added up to a horrific, unexpected, and gruesome tale.

And this is how the tale begins…

“I told her not to watch tv, because she needed to get sleep,” the mother continues in such a way that makes the child angry. She was in fact not watching anything that night, but of course, the worst was assumed. She was, after all, the most spoilt brat who ever lived in the house, but still, like any other child, she wanted the truth to be told. The blood was boiling in her stomach, they thought she was asleep, what could she do? She knew the story had been turned and twisted to make her sound bad. The talking bad of her continued for some time. Did they know she was awake? Surely they did. Or maybe the parents enjoyed talking ill of their child any hour of the day, whether she could overhear or not?

Christmas was the very next day, the child was frightened that it would not be enjoyed because she had behaved in a somewhat disgusting way. Her sister would be coming home, and she just knew that she would not tolerate if the family lunch was disturbed by the child’s rudeness, because, after all, she does not like her family meals ruined because of her. Fearing that she had dug a hole almost too deep to subside from, the child thought of the perfect way to make it up to her mother and she was proud of her idea.

The next morning the child did not come down to open presents with the rest of the family, but the family continued to forget about her existence in the family when she wasn’t being rude and selfish, so they opened them all without her and only remembered when there were three mysterious presents left. Two were for the horrific excuse for a daughter and one was for the mother. The mother was confused; where had it come from? She read the card, which said, word for word: Dear Mother, your present is one that no one else can give you. Let’s just say it came straight from the heart. Excited, the mother opened the wrapping with carelessness and there it was, in a cardboard box – her daughter’s bleeding heart.

No one knows what happened precisely after that. Some say the mother went into shock and experienced several seizures as the ambulance arrived. Some say that the ambulance was called to take the heartless child who lay on her bed to be cremated and the heart that was pulled out of her was placed on the table next to the roast potatoes for the family meal that she so often ruined.