born Wrong

she’s scared of me
I smothered her
and now I’m a monster
for giving —- space
did I do something

and I’m tired of hearing
that I did wrong
made it wrong
born wrong

my marks on her skin
all hers now
take it all from me

scared of me,
walking on egg shells,
broken, angry, useless

what did I do
when did I do


My drink bottle leaked in my bag today

                  I got angry.    Again.


      and I almost missed my train

                                          – twice


My mother yelled at me for the same reason she did last week


               and I got no sleep

                                as per usual.


   There was this man on the train

                         he looked and me and 


                                        I don’t know what to make of that.


And I guess I wrote another poem

                                       maybe another three

    but I can never get them quite right.  

                             And I’m afraid I never will.


                                                           Tonight I will think of that man on the train

                                          what was he frowning at?