my body is a joke to you,
and everyone else.
laugh at me
because you can’t laugh at yourself.
Put me last
in your mind,
I am not important.
you tell me I am better
until the best comes back
tell me I am something
until I mean nothing


I’ve been escaping.
nights of haze,
of restlessness

aware of time that’s passing
wishing it would pass faster,
each tick a change of heart

time followed us,
crept behind us on the road
always a step behind

I looked into your eyes,
stars burst.
we are aimless, careless

I don’t need saving
I am saved,


settling for less is easy.
you were less.
sitting in the void inside me,
I was born with emptiness
and people rustling in my ears,
‘you shouldn’t be like this.’
but I am.
pulling from your leftovers,
your stale love.
secondhand love.
I deserved more.

the void

break me up into small pieces,
I am paranoia and burning skin.
I am closed doors,
blinds down,
Laughing at the void,
spitting into it,
I dribbled tears down my chin
and they disappeared into closed hands.