Sad Music

Do you remember the night you called me crying?
              You said “I can’t believe he did that to me.”
I gave you a CD filled with sad songs the very next day
    and you listened to my selection of
           M83, Beach House, and Daughter
        for the next few weeks
before you decided to forgive him.
And you forgot about how much you could relate to
         Too Late, New Year, or, Landfill.
But, it wasn’t long until you called me again,
and you told me about how you couldn’t believe it:
                                                  he had done it again.
I made you another CD,
     but you never mentioned listening to it
          because you were back with him sooner than before.
Now, when you call so late at night
         I know what to expect.
    And I haven’t made anyone a CD in years.


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