I have to make a list

  1. I’ve often thought about ripping off my ears so
  2. I can’t listen to you talk anymore.
  3. My brain is pulsing from
  4. Listening to you yell at me and
  5. One day my mind is going to collapse.
  6. I told you to be quiet,
  7. Be quiet, but
  8. Nothing ever works.
  9. I tried to stop talking back, thinking that maybe
10. I was the problem, but
11. I was not the problem.
12. You were the problem.
13. You are the problem.
14. There is nothing wrong with me, and
15. My ears are for listening to the rain, not for
16. You.
17. I have to make a list,
18. List all the reasons that I
19. Deserve to be here because
20. Your voice is making me feel like I don’t.


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