not because anything was funny

We listened to songs like

       Come on Eileen, and

            Girls Like You, and

                   Shell Suite, and then

                          Come on Eileen again.

And I was laughing,

not because anything was funny

but because I was so happy

that my laughter burst from me like

          air out of a popped balloon, or

                 blood from a stab wound, or

                         rain from a rain cloud.

Every now and then I would look at Briony

and then into the dark night around us.

She would be singing the words,

sometimes stumbling them.

I wanted to grab the moon in my hands,

          write the lyrics into my skin

                    cry into my sleeve, or

                              ask her to keep driving.

But soon enough we reached the station

and my mum got in the car.

I was nodding my head to Come on Eileen.

“Isn’t it a bit loud?” mum said.

           And, a few seconds later, asked

                  “Can you turn it down?”

And I did.


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