the lesser

Well it doesn’t matter that I have bruises on my skin

because she has a tear on her face.

And it doesn’t matter how long the bruises have lasted

because she’s obviously more distressed

than my arm, leg and chest.

And so what if I haven’t slept in a few nights,

she’s been sleeping most soundly.

Also, who said last year can’t make me mad?

We’re all still running around her last few,

so why do I have to forget the last 12 months?

why do I have to get over everything

if she can live so deeply in the past?

Why do I have to wake up tomorrow completely fine

but you’ll understand if she’s still crying?

Why do I have to always be in a good mood,

but her bitchiness gets passed off as “she’s unhappy”?

And how come when I’m sad it’s funny

and when I say “I never want to wake up again”

it’s still just as funny?

but if she said “I want to die” you’d never leave her side.

Why am I the second option,

The last choice,

The lesser?


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