A long time ago

By the time you read this I will be gone. 
My coffee will have become stale and cold,
And my hands will be more so.
My eyes will be as empty as my heart,
And my record would have stopped spinning
A long time ago.
My diary will be torn apart – ruined,
Not a single page can be read,
Only the words “sorry” and “finally”.
My lips will be untouched by words
Because I ran out a long time ago.
As I lay there, you will see my eyes blink,
My chest rise and fall.
But there’s nothing there anymore.
By the time you read this I will be gone.
There’s nothing you can do for me,
I keep on living, but I died
A long time ago.

A Vacant Seat

She’s the tears in my eyes

But the smile on my lips.

A soft word

With a catch in my throat.

A slow walk home

With loud, heavy footsteps.

She’s a girl in a bar

Dancing with her friends,

Her eyes blinking away her sadness,

Finding solace in a stranger asking,

“Are you okay?”

She’s a collapsed black dress

Next to a vacant seat.

Wet, running mascara

And smudged lipstick.

High heels in hand,

Sore feet, sore head.

Waiting for someone

Who never comes.