When I was a child I would wake up early,

Mum would kiss me and make me breakfast.

Before I left for school she would hug me

“Don’t ever grow up” she would whisper

And I would promise her “never”

And then I would run out yelling “goodbye”.


Years later I would wake up late,

Because mum would come in and open the blinds.

I made my own breakfast and did my makeup.

Before I left mum would smile sadly

While thinking “I told you never to grow up”.

I’d leave in a rush, barely remembering

To say goodbye.


Now mum’s asleep in the hospital,

My own child sleeping silently across the room.

I’m holding her hand and asking myself

“Why did you have to grow old?”.

She never wakes up again, and I can’t believe

She didn’t open her eyes one last time

Even if it was only to say goodbye.


Flash forward and my daughter’s sitting with me

I’m at home, frail, alone and old.

I never asked her to never grow up,

Because I know I can’t stop it.

But when the time came, and I knew I was ready,

I said “I love you” and “goodbye”.

She nodded, knowing that one day

It’ll be her turn to say goodbye.