Safe Haven

You were once a safe haven,

To be used by everyone.

And believe me,

They used you all up.

Your roof fell one day,

Letting the rain in.

Next your windows broke

And the wind came gushing in.

Your walls came soon after,

Caving in and leaving you cold.

Never again in your life

Could you keep anyone safe.

The ruin caused pain,

A loss of trust and love.

It wasn’t long after

That you finally realised;

No one would visit you,

No one would talk to you

Until you rebuilt yourself

And gave them shelter once more.

All along, they’d needed you

And they’d used you

For when they needed a roof.

So you stayed broken

To avoid being a safe haven

Who couldn’t save herself

Because they took up all the room

And left no space for you.


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