I dread tomorrow

No, I do not pride myself

Over that which is unfortunate.

No, I do not find joy

Out of her tragedies.

If you bothered to listen,

Bothered to not be amused,

You would hear me.

But you never hear

And you always laugh

At what makes me weak.

I cannot sleep,

Simply because I dread

All that is tomorrow.

Because I hate this life,

And nothing but myself.

But you prefer to observe

My faults and lack of empathy

And always see the worst in me.

I do not smile at those

Who are unhappy.

I do not laugh at those

Who have been broken.

You choose to see it that way

Because you need a blame

And you pin it on me.

what are words

What are words

Compared to beauty?

What are words

Compared to talent?

Mere words I speak

Are nothing to you.

Mere words I speak

Mean nothing to anyone.

I thought words

Were what made up beauty,

And never, ever

Would I give them away.

But now I am thinking

That maybe I should.

Sacrificing this speech

Would be worth it

Just to be beautiful.

Because everyone in the world

Wants to see beauty.