I want to know you

I think I want to know you.

The way you smile and blink,

Drink, eat and sleep.

How you look at night

And in the morning.

What your voice sounds like

When you’re happy or sad,

Tired, angry and drunk.

What you smell like

Before you get ready.

The way you sit, lay down,

Walk, run and skip.

I want to know you,

Everything about you.

From the colour of your roots

To the length of your toe nails.

Not very far

This morning I realised,

I know where you are,

And maybe I always have.

You’re somewhere else,

Somewhere not very far,

But entirely new.

My soul mate is there.

Beyond all of this.

All of fear and sadness

And smiles and laughter.

To get where he is,

I need to be brave

And I need to slip.

To finally find him,

I need to let go.

To be with him,

I need to finally forget.

Dull is the moon

I know the moon loves me so,

But I’m in love with the sun.

I watch her and her sad soul,

But how am I to resist?

Radiant is the sun

And dull is the moon.

I am attracted to beauty,

It’s too dark to see it at night,

But the sun brings it out

When she shines her light.

So, I hope you can see

Why I am torn.

Because I know she loves me,

That poor and sad moon,

But I cannot help it

If I am in love with the sun.