The Coldest Heart.

I have always tried

To keep the coldest heart.

Tried to darken my soul

To protect myself.

Lately, I’ve been alone,

And perhaps it is due to

My stone cold being.

I never thought

I’d pushed them away,

All of them.

Not one wanted to,

Or thought to stay.

Now, I suppose,

I really do have

The coldest heart;

One that knows no love,

No compassion.

And the darkest soul –

No mercy or feeling.

Just nothing but hate,

Regret and longing.

I opened my window today,

Letting the wind scrape in,

But watching it be free

As it wound around the trees.

What would it take to be there?

To be in the wind as ash.

Ash of something past

Or forgotten.

Something that can continue on

And finally be something beautiful.


You want to stop being sad

But your hands are so cold

And your heart is so tired.

You just want to leave this place;

Go somewhere new and fresh

But your fears drag you down –

Your sadness keeps you here.

Have you ever cried

Because your friends can fly

But you didn’t grow wings?

Maybe they’re there,

Hiding in your skin.

Under the scars,

Under the pain,

Just waiting to breathe the air,

And taste the freedom of the sky.

You’re so sad, so lonely.

Maybe under all that

Is the desire to get better

To get stronger and happier.

Your scars will heal

And they will fade

And you will fly one day.



Promise me a few things:

Fall back on me when there is no one.

Lie to me and pretend I matter,

Even call me to make it real.

Ignore me when I reach out

And remind me I’m nothing;

I mean nothing to you,

I never meant a thing.

Treat me like your friend,

Console me when I’m upset

Then talk about me behind my back.

Nothing spells out “Best friend”

Quite like that.