They let me play my music

I thought you were one of a kind,

Someone I could never replace.

But, you know,

They let me play my music

Right until the rest arrived.

Let me stay silent for a while

While I listened to them talk.

More importantly,

They didn’t laugh at me

When I asked silly questions.

Suddenly I became very aware,

And realised I am not different.

There are people who think.

They think just like I do.

About the places we’ll never touch,

Or places we’ll never see again.

With them, everything is real;

Dreams, magic and possibilities.

You didn’t believe in me.

You didn’t believe in my dreams.

My music is never playing,

Not when guests are about to arrive.

I am always second best

And all my dreams will never come true.

I guess this is the price I pay

For not being friends with them,

But being friends with you.



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