The weed in the garden

I am the shade of grey

Before the purest white.

The dismal rain

Pouring before a rainbow.

Cold, stormy weekdays

Anticipating summer weekends.

The weed in the garden,

Pulled out for a flower to grow.

Murky swamp water

Compared to a clear beach.

Unwanted, second best,

At All

She decided to rewind it all,

From the moment she wrote this,

To the moments where

She laughed last.

Or she cried last.

From the time she was cold,

To where she was too hot to sleep.

There was that time where

She was too scared to move,

Or too happy to notice.

When she was bored

Or having the time of her life.

The moment she spoke,

The moment she sang.

From her first word

And her first step.

She took it all away,

Until she never even existed

At all.

She lets the rain fall.

It’s raining outside,

Everyone stays undercover.

But there’s a sad girl

From across the road,

She walks out her front door

And allows the sky to cry.

She lets the teardrops kiss her,

Dampen her hair and skin.

She doesn’t hide from it.

She lets the rain fall.