A river of tears.

People dying of thirst everywhere.

They come to me and drink.

My river is vast and fresh,

Although it’s made of sadness.

One by one my tears fall,

To help them survive.

I must cry

In order to keep them alive.


Dirt surrounds me,
It cleanses my clothes;
Bathes me in my sins.
I’m in unholy ground.
Letting myself be eaten,
Feeling my own skin rot,
Grounding my bones to dust.
Disappearing into the earth
And being forgotten by all;
By the harsh sunlight,
By the cruel moon.
Because i am nothing.
Because i am dead.

Dead Hearts are Everywhere

It was like I was falling,
Falling and flying,
Drowning and swimming.
It appeared there,
Right in front of me.
It said hello,
But I was frightened.
Scared that it wasn’t real,
That it wasn’t really there.
It called again,
And a last time.
But I stood still,
Completely mute.
And then it went away.
It walked through the walls,
Fell through the floors,
And disappeared into nothing.