I was sitting with May in class

When the teacher questioned me.

Unfair, I thought. Why always me?

I turned to my friend and eyed her.

“Why not her?” I asked.

Everyone turned and looked.

My friend began to laugh, so I did too.

Nothing was funny, but we continued.

The teacher moved on,

No attention was paid,

But after class, she asked that I stay.

I thought it was to be told off,

But instead, she asked something else.

“Who were you talking to?”

I looked at her. “May, my friend.”

Who else would it have been?

She stared at me, long and hard,

And told me one more thing.

“There was no May in this room.

There was no May next to you.”

I walked out of there as fast as I could,

Only to find May waiting patiently.

“What did she tell you?” She wondered.

“Nothing,” I simply stated.


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