Your life could be a dream.

There was a time and a place,

Where she was loved

And she was able to love.

She had enjoyed life

And all its challenges.

But one day a cloud was cast,

It blocked her sunlight,

And it made her fall.

She fell until she fell no more.

When she stopped she was in bed.

She was in a room.

She was hooked to machines.

It had been a dream;

Her entire life.

A wonderful, yet dreadful dream.

And now it meant nothing.

Now she had to do it

All over again.

I am drained.

There’s a new kind of darkness,

And it pollutes the sky.

I watch it in waiting

As the days slowly pass by.

I can’t think anymore.

At least not like I used to.

It’s like all my thoughts

Have simply vanished into the blue.

Not the worries, though,

They still remain.

The scary thoughts of failing

Have exhausted my ticking brain.

Continuously working and learning

Has dried my imagination.

I forgot what it was like

To not live in frustration.

One day I will wake up.

There will be a new light in the sky,

But this will only happen

After all the days have slowly passed by.