born Wrong

she’s scared of me
I smothered her
and now I’m a monster
for giving —- space
did I do something

and I’m tired of hearing
that I did wrong
made it wrong
born wrong

my marks on her skin
all hers now
take it all from me

scared of me,
walking on egg shells,
broken, angry, useless

what did I do
when did I do

a lie 2

can’t live without me,
said like a secret
not a lie to keep me existing,
a back up to your first choice
and your other secret

like you
I wish I could pretend
wish I could make people think
that I am good

‘I can’t live without you’
until you did.


it was bad
take me back, i am a shell
filling a void of time
with scrunched up fists
and dependence

a ticking clock, a bomb
you had a conspiracy against me
it was all wrong

the hospital tag on my sink
a memory trophy
of time overlapping,
unending, unwinding, forever
i keep resurrecting