empty station

trains screaming past us
us sitting on twin swings
promising myself I’ll remember
the filled bed
and the empty station,

the way it rained in my hair,
landed on your hood,
tracked mud on the carpet

I finally forgot what it was like
falling asleep alone.

word vomit

my name is word vomit,
spitting, I Hate You
you’re not Good Enough

an it’s All Your Fault
before I go to bed
tucked under my pillow.

I am thunder,
because lightning is prettier,
just noise,
falling flat into ears
that just Don’t want to hear it

a Please, Come Back,
I Mean It
that no one ever said.

empty promises,
an I Can’t Stop Walking on Egg Shells,
Burden, in the way,
a Get Over It
you’re too difficult,
there are more important things.

my name is word vomit
because I Don’t Listen
spitting, yelling, screaming,
I Can’t Love You.

I am I Never Wanted You At All.


i’ve been gripping at the night sky

(don’t end don’t end don’t end)

sharing my bed with non lovers
and loving them all
until they leave me in the morning

i’m sleeping away days
with bruised bones
and cracked, dry lips

with no dreams in my head
or stars in my eyes
just the night sky

I begged it to stay,
to stop me from trying again

(why do I keep trying)

but I guess none of this
really matters

goose bumps

it’s so quiet
I can hear my heart beating
from my toes to my ears

and her laugh
is like a tornado flooding my veins
cutting through the silence
like smooth blades of ice

You taught me that love
was leaving thorns under fingernails
and biting back screams

You taught me that freedom
was haunting my own mind
trying to miss what I lost

the night crawls in chills up my spine
I can feel you escaping
through the goose bumps
on my knees